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US Mango Servers

Mango 2x Quad

Players Online: 39/150

  • 🌍 Map Size: 3.5k
  • 👪 Maximum Group Size: 4
  • ♻️ Gather Rate: 2x
  • 🗺️ Unlocked BP's: Tier 1
  • ☀️ Short/Bright Nights
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Mango 2x Main

Players Online: 343/350

  • 🌍 Map Size: 3.5k
  • 👪 Maximum Group Size: N/A
  • ♻️ Gather Rate: 2x
  • 🗺️ Unlocked BP's: None
  • ☀️ Short/Bright Nights
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Mango 5x One Grid

Players Online: 0/100

  • 🌍Map Size: ~1.5k
  • 👪Maximum Group Size: N/A
  • ♻️Gather Rate: 5x
  • 🗺️Unlocked BPs: All
  • ☀️No nights
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No Vac bans less than 60 days old. No game banned alts are allowed to play on Mango. This includes all linked accounts. This is a measure to mitigate cheaters from joining our server.

Absolutely no usage of hacks/cheats/scripts. This server is actively monitored.

Racism/Homophobia/Bigotry will not be tolerated in the chat. Any attempts to bypass in-game chat filters will result in instant mute. Those consistently using offensive terms in chat will be warned/muted. Personal attacks in chat will not be allowed. Repeat offenders will be banned outright.


No advertisements are allowed on this server. This includes other servers and streams. Any ads will be removed, repeat offenders will be banned from the server and the discord!

Maximum group size on quad servers is 4 (including slaves), but team members may be rotated.

How to swap members

TC must be cleared and bags of the leaving player are to be destroyed. Members rotated out may not rejoin group for 6 hours.


Alliances are strictly prohibited on our group limited servers. You may be civil with other groups but are not allowed to work together If we see alliances forming, both groups will be banned for 24 hours.

*Maximum of 4 players per roaming team
*Maximum of 4 players per raid team
*Maximum of 4 players in base at any time

Toxicity is a part of rust, but excessive toxicity may be muted/banned. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. This includes being disrespectful to admins or mods. If you want to report someone in voice chat, please have a recording to send to an admin.

Respect the admins and mods as they are here to help. The staff on mango work hard to keep a fair gaming environment for everyone and there is no need to be disrespectful.